House of Prodigy Ball 4/25/09

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House of Prodigy Ball 4/25/09 Empty House of Prodigy Ball 4/25/09

Post by LegendInt'l on Fri Feb 27, 2009 1:59 pm

Trilogy:The Final Cut

The Innovative House Of Prodigy Proudly Presents Our 3rd House Ball...

Over $5,000 in cash will be given out...

April 25, 2009
Penn Relay Weekend

Grand Prize $1,500
Father Vs. Father Team Battle: The Ultimate Switch

Grand Prize Deluxe $1,000
Butch Queen Runway

Mini Grand Deluxe $500
Femme Queen Performance

Mini Grand I $200
Butch Realness

Mini Grand II $200++
Bq Realness With A Twist(Additional Sponsors)

Mini Grand III $200
Bq Schoolboy Realness

Mini Grand IV $200
Drags Face

Mini Grand V $200
Runway As A House

Plus Over $1000 Cash In regular categories

For Any Additional Info Contact Father Mann Prodigy @ 267-974-8142
Fliers Will Be Circulating In D.C


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